Said Eucharist BCP at St Mary’s

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September 13, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Worship will begin again at St. Mary’s church from Sunday 12th July
In order to try and accommodate everybody who wants to attend worship there will be two opportunities to attend a service on Sundays. Both services will take place at St Mary’s Church as follows:
09.00 Said Eucharist. Book of Common Prayer.
11.00 Said Eucharist. Common Worship. (This service will also be live streamed via Facebook)

The church will open 15 minutes before each service. In order to maintain social distancing numbers are
quite restricted (we have calculated approximately 30 people at present in St Mary’s) therefore you will
need to register to attend prior to the service. You can do this by email to
or if you do not have e-mail by telephoning the Parish Office 01903 709163. You will receive confirmation
that you are registered for the service. If a service reaches capacity we will send an e-mail to all on this
mailing list.

For tracking and tracing purposes the government guidance asks that we hold a register
of names (for 21 days) of everyone who attends each service. Please do not just turn up for a service,
as we may have to ask you to go home if we have reached capacity. Please think carefully about
whether or not to attend if you are vulnerable or in an at risk group. If you are shielding you should not
attend until the restriction is lifted, this is likely to be on the 1st. August. Please do not attend if you are
unwell, particularly if you have Covid-19 symptoms.