The parish actively supports a number of mission organisations throughout the year – through donation, activities and through prayer.  We support mission partners Sharon Wilcox in Ecuador and Bishop Dimba in Malawi on an on-going basis – please see their latest updates below.  In addition we support selected organisations each year, please see our quarterly mission focus below.  Please hold all these organisations and their amazing people in your prayers.

Updates on our Giving

Sharon Wilcox - Our Mission Partner in Ecuador
Sharon Wilcox – Our Mission Partner in Ecuador

to read Sharon’s latest news click here: newsletter

For an account of the CMS conference in September 2020 please use this link

Our Mission Partners in Malawi

to read the latest news from Bishop Dimba in Malawi click here: newsletter

The Mission Giving Committee

The Mission Giving Committee comprises: The Incumbent, two members of the congregation from each church in the parish (including a minimum of one member of the PCC)

Current Committee Members are:

  • Ruth Jepson (Chair)
  • The Rev’d Keith Littlejohn
  • Alison Evans
  • Julie Marlow
  • Janet Annis

The committee meets in November each year to consider and determine which organisations to support through prayer, donations and activities. If you would like to suggest an organisation please let one of the committee know.


From the Benefactors

We receive many appreciative letters of thanks, including the following comments:

Family Support Work

We are extremely grateful for this very generous support, and your decision to support FSW over the next year.  Our work in Worthing has grown greatly over the last 12 months and we are supporting several families with incredibly complex and challenging situations. We look forward to working with you more closely in 2020″

Christian Mission Society

“Our people in mission will be able to continue working tirelessly to share the gift of the Gospel.  Because of you, they will give the gift of a safe home to the street children of South America, “.

Christian Resource Ministries

I just want to thank you for remembering us in this last days of the year for helping the orphans once more.”

Bishop M. Dimba


The parish also supports:
  • Christian Aid normally through doorr to door collections in May each year.  
  • The Church of England Children’s Society through collection boxes and Christingle services


Quarterly Mission Focus

Lead for partnership and event


Beachy Head Chaplaincy

A search and rescue charity that seeks to save lives at Beachy Head, East Sussex

please click here for an article about BHCT by Fr Neill

Fr Neill


Family Support Work

Helping families in Sussex to overcome their difficulties and prevent crisis, supporting families struggling with issues such as poverty, ill health, learning difficulties, bereavement, family break-up and domestic abuse.

please click here for the latest newsletter from FSW



Turning Tides

A community led homelessness organisation (formerly Worthing Churches Homeless Projects) with the mission to end homelessness.



Embrace the Middle East

Transforming lives and communities in the Middle East by the compassion of Christ.


Fr Keith