Prayers for Pakistan

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We have received a message from Jamil Francis, who we have supported in Pakistan, asking for our prayers for Christians in Pakistan. There have recently been attacks on Christians, with churches and Christians’ homes being set on fire. These attacks are 35 miles from the Christian school we have supported. More information can be found here

We received this update from Jamil on 18th August:

Good morning dear sister in Christ hope all is fine with you and your family, Lord always bless you , dear sister please pray for us in Pakistan Christians in trouble area , most of the families came in our village to save their and their children life , as I told that our village is Christian means just few families are Muslims but they are good to us, so the families from where the churches and their houses are burnt they have come in our village to save their Life , our dear pastor Shan and our village people helping them in all , may God bless us all , please pray for all the families who are in trouble , will request in church to pray for all the families those who lost their houses.