RIP HM Queen Elizabeth II

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The Parish of Goring by Sea grieves for the loss of
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and gives thanks for her life and Christian example.Both churches will be open as a place of mourning and prayer.  A condolence book is available to sign. Floral tributes can be left but please follow the directions in each church as to where these can be placed.

The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner says:

Thanks be to God for the life of his servant, Queen Elizabeth II.

Her death is a moment of bereavement for the whole nation, and for the Commonwealth. She will remain in our hearts and minds as an exceptional example of public duty and commitment to her high calling, carried out with unswerving faith in God. Let us come together as a nation to mark her death with dignity and pride.

Our prayers are with those who have been close to her in the service of the crown over many years, together with all the members of the Royal Family as we pray for the new Sovereign, King Charles.